Pixel TF-334 Hot Shoe Adapter Converter For Sony A7 A7S A7SII A7R A7RII A7II NEX6 RX1 RX1R RX10 RX100II Canon Nikon Speedlite

€11.26 Tasuta saatmine

Märksõnad: tripie nikon tarvikud, godox ad100pro, honda 650 osad, varuosade samsung galaxy j2, nikon f, sony rx10 iv, kaamera nikon, vöö foto, canon välk, Canon 600d.


  • Ühilduva Kaamera Brändi: Sony
  • TTL: Jah
  • Ekraan: No
  • Toite Allikas: NO
  • Brändi Nimi: SETTO
  • Pakett: Jah
  • Valgusallikas: NO
  • Mudeli Number: Pixel TF-334
  • Kaal: 0.1
  • Värvi Temperatuur: NO



Hinnang: 5 out of 5 (1 votes)

Nealy Alexis 2020-10-17

Item works with Sony A7Riii and Nikon SB800 flash. Although at first it did not work. I thought item were defective. Since there is no manual in the package I have asked the seller. He did not help either. So I have to figure it out myself. If you set to silent (electronic) shutter on your Sony the flash system does not work. You have to choose mechanical shutter from the menu (or set the silent shutter off). Then it works! But be aware that max sync speed is reduced to 1/200sec with this adapter and it does not support TTL. Works manual only even if you set the flash to TTL. So bear the issues in mind before purchase. My unit came loose and when I first attach the flash It could not hold it securely. There are 4 philips screws on the bottom which were not tightened enough at the factory so I had to tighten them myself. Typical China manufacture. Will I advise this item? I f you need to buy it then buy it. It solves the other brand flash compatability. But item itself has limitations.

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