LONGYUN Laetav Liitium Aku Juhtmeta kodus 25V Electric Drill bit seina 16.8 V Elektriline Kruvikeeraja koos Plastist

€42.49 €23.80 Tasuta saatmine

Märksõnad: juhtmeta screwdriv, lomvum kruvikeeraja, logo viimistlus, bosch tööriist, natuke tööriist, juhtmeta elektriline kruvikeeraja aku, vci plastist, worx, puuri mõju, home decor.


  • Mudeli Number: 64896DFG6
  • Pinge: 16.8V / 25V
  • Kasutamine: Kodus DIY
  • Aku Tüüp: Laetav liitium-ioon aku
  • Brändi Nimi: NoEnName_Null
  • No-Load Speed: 1200rpm
  • Mõõtmed: 25*25*8cm
  • Kaal: 1.68kg
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Rated Input Power: 0-150W
  • Sertifitseerimine: PUUDUB
  • Toite Allikas: Aku
  • Sagedus: 50/60HZ
  • Tüüp: Juhtmeta Kruvikeeraja

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(See on 3 mudelit, 12v-16.8 v-25v , juhime tähelepanu, et valida.)



Hinnang: 5 out of 5 (5 votes)

Kristinka 9292 2021-01-10

All norms. Shipping fast. Peter's three days away. I bought it as a gift. I have the same for half a year. Turns without complaints. Convenient. The speed switch sometimes lags. But it's not critical at all.

Junior Yugo Mania 2020-09-13

Schurick came in two weeks. The parcel is cardboard, slightly shabby. The case is compact and durable, inside it everything is whole, the batteries are charged. In appearance, everything is high quality, the plastic does not stink (there is a smell, but only if it is covered with a nose, but it's a regular smell). Yuzal schurica ~ day, this is my first Schurick. You can get to 2 trifles: 1-hole spindle, which can be seen when application radial load on stopped drill bit (~ 0,2mm when drill length ~ 40mm from the cartridge). When rotating, I'm glad. Bienia is not visible, so on the quality of cutting OTV. This Luft will not affect in any way, especially the manual cutting (the hand of a person walks much more); 2-no "protection against the Fool", I.E. The switch slider can be stopped in the middle, which as written in the instruction can lead to breakage. How much Shurik is reliable and durable will show time, and so the impression of "from the first date", that it is quality, compact for its power, convenient and strong "beast". Developer, manufacturer, seller and uncle Ali thank you!

Wendienuweiner 2020-11-16

Shurik just fire, and instruction in Russian language delivery before the declared time concelar knife as a gift

Vladimir Cabric 2020-09-30

I recommend for both price and quality .. delivery from Ukraine, after 2 days, the goods were at me .. delivery by courier ..

Miller7885 2020-12-04

Guys didn't expect it. It came in 5 days. All as in the description. The seller laid down the bat leneyka. Why I do not understand not pleasant. In the work did not check but there are no complaints about quality. I'll check in tomorrow. I'll write it down. To sell respect and good luck in business.!!!

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